Gain speed to market with DevOps solutions

Wealth Management

Gain speed to market with DevOps solutions

A wealth management firm moved from a legacy application environment to a microservices ecosystem. The switch cut production time and expedited the roll-out of releases.


The client is a leading wealth management firm in the U.S.


DevOps strategy to shorten production timelines and speed time-to-market.

Tools and technologies

JIRA, Jenkins, GitHub, AWS, ECR, Docker, EKS and Helm.


The client used multiple legacy applications with a highly complex codebase to run its operations. As a result, it had long production lifecycles and spent several person-hours in integration and deployment.

On the technology front, the client faced challenges in the way server-side applications were defined, stored and managed. Its IT team also had to manage the deployment of multiple Kubernetes manifest files.


Iris recommended that the client move to a microservices ecosystem. Here’s how we deployed the solution:

  • We defined an enterprise-level DevOps strategy using Helm
  • Identified the scope of apps that needed to be on-boarded across the enterprise
  • Implemented a DevOps pipeline for microservices on the Kubernetes cluster
  • Deployed the infrastructure, dependencies and applications with Kubernetes using Helm
  • Delivered continuous improvement through Helm release updates and rollbacks


The DevOps pipeline significantly improved time-to-market new releases.

  • 20x faster release cycle
  • 40% improvement in quality with end-to-end traceability
  • 15x improvement in the mean time to deployment (MTTD)

The Iris team also put in place robust security control and validation processes; and provided for auditable release requests.

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