A playbook for banks on managing M&A integration


A playbook for banks on M&A integration

Efficient management of the complexities of disparate systems and data after an acquisition saves time and money.


Banks that have merged or acquired new businesses.


Manage migration and integration complexity post M&A.

Tools and technologies

The Iris business acquisition playbook for banks.


In a low-interest rate regime, achieving scale is the only way for banks to stay profitable. The top 25 banks are growing at a rate faster than rest of the pack. The search for profitability from scale is predicated upon their ability to ensure that the operational costs do not grow linearly with business.
A significant part of this growth will come inorganically. Apart from M&As, brownfield expansion comes with banks selling off their books of business for reasons ranging from realigned strategic priorities to the more mundane need of raising cash. Any IT costs in absorbing the new book of work will negate the advantages of size.


Iris has been working with banking clients to create a business acquisition playbook outlining steps to insource with a migration and integration strategy. We have enabled clients to deal with post-merger integrations and create a single source of truth for transactional data and positions. The Iris team delivered solutions specifically tailored for applications in the loan origination and servicing space.
We have helped our banking clients:

  • Consolidate multiple acquisition playbooks to create a single standardized framework for their lending business
  • Define insourcing steps for business and technology teams and create a migration strategy with quantifiable recommendations and a reusable checklist for insourcing activities.
  • Assess capability and readiness and help them choose from insourcing options:
  • Full migration of data and systems
  • Partial migration of systems and data migration and integration
  • Only data integration and connectivity for lending business.


We have helped clients achieve 50% savings in cycle time and cost for post-merger integration of business processes, application and data.

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